New Chapter Members 3rd Quarter 2013

The PMI Wine Country Chapter welcomes the following  welcome-members 21 new members who have joined in July through September,  This, along with improved retention, has brought our membership to he highest level ever.

  • Jennifer Anderson    
  • Kathleen Bennett       
  • Colleen Boak       
  • Jen Buck
  • Heather Burton
  • Roxanne Egan
  • Robert Garza
  • Matthew Griggy        
  • Chris Gustafson
  • Michelle Hearne       
  • Ginetta Huntress       
  • Sheryl King       
  • Risa Martyn    
  • Beth Maul
  • Brian Miller       
  • Veronica Palustra   
  • Michele Ramos    
  • Rhonda Ross       
  • Al Russcol       
  • Jeri Sonnenberg           
  • Kimberly Summers      

We look forward to seeing them at our meetings and hope that they will participate in chapter volunteer service.

(If your name is published here and you would like it removed from the Internet, please contact Communicaions.)

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